Sunday, February 27, 2011

Treasures in the Attic

I parted heavens glory,
And gold puffed away like dust
Where gossamer ribbons floated
Void of cobwebs, grime, or rust.
I was cleaning Heaven’s attic
In a mansion up the street,
And the memories I uncovered
Were sprawled there at my feet.

I found bits of joy and blessings
And a trunk filled up with hope,
And tied with string, a word of thanks
Tucked in an envelope.
I found albums filled with photographs
Of happy days gone by,
Of smiling faces, laughter,
And the bliss of each July.

I pulled back a big white sheet
That was draped over a chair
The very place I’d talked with God
And come to him in prayer.
And there stacked so neatly to one side,
All my ministries in a line— 
The children’s work, the choir,
Visitation all combined.

Then in the farthest corner,
Behind every happy thought,
I found a box tucked in the back
Some things that I’d forgot.
I opened it up slowly,
Recalling now what was inside,
All my hurts and disappointments
And the things I’d tried to hide.

These don’t belong in heaven
In a place that knows no tears.
I thought to throw the box away,
But paused and drew it near.
I sorted through the contents,
Setting each thing down with care,
And my story then unfolded
With each trifle I found there.

I found a heart once broken
By injustice, hurts and wrongs,
Now mended. Though the scar still showed,
The pulse was beating strong.
There were dreams that I had clung to
Thinking this must be God’s will.
I could see now, had they worked out,
I would be unhappy still.

There were lists of prayers unanswered
When it seemed God wouldn’t speak.
Now reading through the tear stains,
It was I who was too weak.
The times God left me hanging
While He blessed my fellow man,
If only I’d been patient,
I’d have seen His glorious plan.

I looked across the remnants
Of the failures, loss, and pain,
And I wondered at God’s foresight
As I saw His grace so plain.
 All the hurts I’d held so tightly,
Now through heaven-altered eyes,
Were the blessings God had giv’n me,
Were the treasures in disguise.