Monday, April 23, 2007

You know you're a lifer when...

  • Three to four years doesn't seem like a long time to invest in a new degree
  • Your freshman roommates are now your professors
  • You know the people that the buildings were named for
  • Dinner conversation consists of first hand knowledge of how the rules have changed in the past decade
  • You wish you could get a t-shirt that reads "I'm from the pre-Radford era"
  • You don't rent out books anymore because they are four or five editions too old
  • You remember when CSR's were filled out by pencil on bubble forms every Monday
  • You can't imagine your life not broken into semesters
  • You've seen the same jokes in the Tantalizing Tidbits at least three times
  • You survived lice fest

Thursday, April 19, 2007

At war

Heart wringing, mind crushing, soul burning battle. The ceaseless war, ever fought, never won--hopeless, cruel. The mind and the heart at constant odds, unable to resolve their differences. And I caught in the middle, subject to both petty discrepancies and the full, lash out thirst for blood.

Heart, once nurtured, cease to feel. Your embrace, once gentle, begins to strangle. I suffocate. Mind, once pursued, cease your reason. Your thoughts, once stimulating, grow wearisome. I stagger beneath the weight.

Heart and mind, will neither win? Will you reach no resolution? Then at least release me from your tiresome charade. I want no part of either.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Purple Like Rap

  • There is a distinction between being unteacheable and standing firm in your convictions
  • Those who claim to be openminded tend to be closeminded towards those they percieve as closeminded
  • Arguing seldom solves an arguement
  • Everyone judges; if they do not judge, they will judge judgers
  • Correcting a wrong with an oposite extreme creates an equal wrong
  • No two minds can be completely agreed
  • There is absolutly no substitute for truth
  • A right can hide a lot of wrong just as certainly as a wrong can hide a lot of right
  • And yes, there is a real issue beneathe all the surface problems but who remembers it?