Saturday, April 30, 2011


Oft' I have thought I was meant to fly,
Meant to have wings to caress the sky.
Then would I soar in the hawk's domain,
And toss in the wind like a weather vane.
Knowing the freedom of endless flight;
Soaring unchanged as the day turns night.
Wind in my wings, all the world's my own.
I've reached to the heights of some place unknown.

Gravity's bondage no longer holds.
Dreams find a way and my wings unfold.
Here in the sea, I have found my sky,
Where sails, not just wings lend the pow'r to fly.
Breathless, I sail through the wind and sea;
Carried by tempest, I'm finally free.
Floating adrift o'er the storm and gale,
For God gave me wings when he gave me sails.