Friday, April 13, 2007

Purple Like Rap

  • There is a distinction between being unteacheable and standing firm in your convictions
  • Those who claim to be openminded tend to be closeminded towards those they percieve as closeminded
  • Arguing seldom solves an arguement
  • Everyone judges; if they do not judge, they will judge judgers
  • Correcting a wrong with an oposite extreme creates an equal wrong
  • No two minds can be completely agreed
  • There is absolutly no substitute for truth
  • A right can hide a lot of wrong just as certainly as a wrong can hide a lot of right
  • And yes, there is a real issue beneathe all the surface problems but who remembers it?


Rambling Rose said...

I like your thoughts. But what does "purple like rap" mean? Is that like a round smell or a blue jelly bean tasting like a fairy tale?

Heather said...

No Vin, I just finished reading abook entitled "Blue Like Jazz." Because of the nature of the book, I recieved a great deal of grief from several people for even reading it. The joke from someone who didn't understand what or why I was reading was that I should follow it up with reading "Green Like Rock" and "Purple Like Rap." The list is a random collection of conclusions that come from similar reading and discusions. They are just thoughts that I will continue to develop as I continue to study.