Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Tragedy

It's too funny to be tragic.

I'm sure imagining it is funnier than the actual event. The only thing funnier is wondering what the headlines tomorrow will read.

This morning, kids from all over the valley started pouring into the park across from my grandmother's house. They were preparing for the annual Thanksgiving day race. Joining the festivities was some poor girl convinced to dress up in an outrageous turkey costume. The thing with these big costumes--you can't see anything. So what most people were interpreting as a grouchy turkey was just a blind bird. All the kids were running up trying to high five the Thanksgiving turkey, not too easy for a bird that can't see.

So picture the turkey, standing at the finish line. Everyone's excited. She's jumping up and down, flapping her wings. All of the sudden, the winner crosses the line and, victorious, runs over to hug the turkey. She never saw him coming, and in one foul swoop, he knocks her to the ground. She hits her head on the curb. And the ambulance comes and takes her away, feathers and all.

Now I'm not one to find an injury humorous, but I can't stop thinking about a turkey showing up in the emergency room on thanksgiving day. It doesn't help matters that our town's school mascot is the redskins. "Running Bear takes out turkey on Thanksgiving."


Rambling Rose said...

That's hilarious! Mom said they wanted you to dress up as the turkey. Aren't you glad you didn't? Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wish I could have been there.

Heather said...

Yes, it could have been me. I guess the next day at the hospital everyone was calling it "roadkill." We wexifrire going to all dress up as pilgrims and go over to the hospital to check on her.

Katy said...

The Turkey Tackle- sounds like a new family tradition. :)