Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jane Who?

I picked up this delightful little book. It's called Overheard at the Bookstore. And that's all it was, just a little thing with a quote on each page of things people have said while browsing through shelves of books. As much as I love books, watching people is just about as much fun. But watching people with books combines the best of two worlds.

Here are some of the better quotes:
  • You'll never finish that here--why don't you just buy it?
  • I think I could probably write this book.
  • Do you have anything for dummies?
  • I don't know the title or author, but the book's purple.
  • It doesn't make any sense--it's called modernism.
  • This was such a good movie.
  • You definitely don't have it, or you just can't find it?
  • I'm afraid I have to disagree with the reviewers.
  • These are the two that I'm going to buy, and these are the twenty I'm not.

I laughed because many of these I've heard myself. Sadly a few of them were spoken by my mother. So I was reading through them out loud when my parents came over to visit my library. I was already laughing when I read to them my all time favorite--

  • Should I buy a Jane Austen or a Stephen King?

I don't know--somehow that one just hits me funny.

"Wait a minute," mom said. "Now what did they write?" My jaw dropped, and I am still greatly distraught every time I think of it. Don't get me wrong. I love my mom, and she is a very intelligent woman. We just don't read the same things. I directed her to my bookshelf. Ironically Jane Austen and Stephen King were sitting next to each other. (It's the one shelf I haven't alphabetized yet.) And though she was very attentive through my emergency literary lesson, I suddenly feel as though there is this great chasm between myself and my parents that can't quite be bridged.

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2Crazzie4U said...

*Shocked* What?? a bookself you haven't alphabetized?? what a shocker!! I am sure you have that all fixed by now! But I jut thought it was a shocker, because i know how you like to be very organized {like Jolene}. :)