Monday, September 14, 2009

Really Knowing God

You don't really know God until God has been unkind to you. And you still don't really know Him when he's been unkind to you once or twice, but when He's been unkind to you three and four and even five times. That's when you begin to know God.

You really begin to know Him when you have done everything right and God doesn't intervene. I won't say fails to intervene because everyone knows that God doesn't fail. But when He refuses to intervene.

Anyone can say God is good when circumstances are good. But when you say God is good through tears--tears of saying God doesn't feel good. That's when you begin to know that God is good.

When you can no longer see the proof or the evidence of His goodness. When your ears are closed by pain and you can't hear His voice. That's when you begin to know God. That's when you begin to know that He is good, not because it makes sense, but because He is.


Rambling Rose said...

That's how I've been feeling, but I'm having trouble seeing the good. Something good starts to happen, but then is ripped away to be replaced by something bad. I keep telling myself, "It's not so bad. It could be worse," then hope it doesn't get worse. People keep saying God has something better out there for us. I wonder if I'm foolish to hope anymore. Through it all I have to remind myself that God is good, even if I don't understand it.

Timothy said...

We often go by, live by our feelings. That is when we say God is good or not good. To know God is to know not by feeling but by faith that He is God and that He is good even when things are not going so good.