Saturday, November 07, 2009

Carpe diem

Do you remember when you were required to have a detailed ten year plan of your life? Everyone would ask and your answer would somehow determine your value or future success, and subsequently, you watched your friends be divided into two groups: those who would be something in life and those who would not. I had the speech down. I could usually come up with a response that would satisfy most, maybe even inspire a few. But I hated giving it. Who was I to say where I would be in ten years? My desires would probably change in the next year or two. Most of my ten year goal would not happen. The rest I hoped wouldn't.

Categorize me in the group that didn't make it if you will, but for the record, I am content.

My life is made up of a job I don't love, but will do. I could do a lot worse, and there are days I genuinely feel I'm making a difference. The rest of my time is spent with a six year old who is quite possibly the most important thing in my life. I live with my sister, brother-in-law, and two beautiful nieces, six-years and four-months old. My parents live just down the road. My brother lives 3 hours north. He's one of those rare exceptions who will probably actually achieve his ten year and love it.

Is this the life imagined for my self when I was in college? Not even close. The only thing that has remained consitant about my life is the ever presence of God. There are things that I still want out of life. I won't be living here forever. I'll find a better job. But right now, I am happy. God is so good. I've decided I'm not going to wait for life to happen. This is my life. Right now, it's about living in the moment, making memories. If you've seen my facebook photo albums, you've seen record of those memories.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not ditching goals and planning. I'm embracing this mindset hopefully less in the irresponsible, faithless aspects and more in the choosing contentment and enjoyment areas. For now. this is my goal.

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