Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday School 03: God's Timing

God's timing is perfect.
We say that. We even say it with conviction. But oh my, it's hard to practice that. Because to be honest, my timing seems pretty good too. It's well thought out, and it makes sense to me anyway. But for some reason my timing never seems to line up with God's. He likes to toy with last minutes and completely disregard deadlines. But His timing is perfect, and mine is flawed. My timing can never be perfect because I don't know the future.  

Moses had to learn about God's timing too.
1. God's time is not necessarily our time.
God would have Moses waiting for forty more years. In all that time, Moses didn't know how long it was going to be. Sometimes God's timing doesn't make sense. He told Noah to build an ark though Noah had never seen rain. He promised Sarah a baby in her old age. 
2. God puts us in a place where we don't feel equipped to do what he wants us to do.
Moses complained that the people wouldn't believe him.

To present your body a living sacrifice means:
1. You are giving up your control.
2. You are putting your future and timing in the hands of someone else.
3. You are accepting that you don't have a say in your life.

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