Wednesday, May 24, 2006

and what remains?

What if I were stripped of everything?

~Take away the job. I'm no longer dorm sup. I never was. I don't work food service. All past employment never happened.
~Take away the abilities and interests. No more writing. No more music. No more art.
~Take away the education. There is no Maranatha, no degree. No A's or awards. I do not have the ability to think critically or even to read.
~Take away my background. No godly family, no America to call mine, no past accomplishments or experiences.
~Take away my friends.
~Take away my ministries.

What is left?
Well, I still have a soul. I have a will. I have a mind. I have a body.
I still have a sin nature.

Stripped of all that I am, all that remains is all that Christ died for. It is what God loved and gave His Son for. It is what He made a plan of escape for. It is what He wants to seek after Him.

I have nothing to impress God with, yet I am not desolate. Stripped of all else, all that remains is hope.


kathryn said...

you know, that is true. it's kind of incredible!

gbfluteman said...

Hm.... Amen....

gbfluteman said...

One of the teens in my Sunday School wrote a post that I think adds to this, from a different perspective. Though directed towards the thought of the unsaved, I think his post, When reality hits, who falls down?, is just as applicable to us as to the unsaved. If the reality of having everything stripped away were to hit us, how hard would we fall as all the pride we've built around ourselves goes with such an act? Food for thought for all Christians to meditate on.