Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There are a few things that are completely, entirely amazing. And everytime I think on it, I am again caught in the wonder of it. I've had a lot of time in the past few days just to think. These are my thoughts:

1. God's Word is simple. This is not to say that He is simple. His thoughts are higher than mine, and I wait in anticipation for the moment I will see him face to face and finally know..... But His Word is simple. Everything I need to know is accesible. I don't have to be confused as to His will because it could not be stated more clearly. His will is that I be saved. His will is that I be filled with joy. His will is that I seek Him.

2. God is enough. My mind, my desires, my circumstances argue this point, but the truth is unchanging. he is all-sufficient. He is enough.

3. There is always hope. This too is cause for joy. It is my existance. It is the propelling motion that moves me from one day into the next. It is why I smile. It is why I sing. It is why I anticipate what is to come. There is alway hope.

4. God uses sinners. My comprehension stops here, but faith chooses to accept it. I do not know why he uses sinners, but I rejoice that He does. He has used sinners to touch and minister to my life in amazing ways. And somehow in some ways, He has used this sinner.

So you see. my thoughts are not profound, but they are cause for joy that will not be dimmed. They are things I have always known, but yet I experience them new every morning. And then there is renewed joy.

Isn't God good?
Isn't He so, so good.


gbfluteman said...

Again, Amen, Heather. It is very obvious you are spending much time meditating on these thoughts. In Desiring God, John Piper talks about some of what you said. Look for the section, "The Struggle and Solution of Jonathan Edwards." However, it might be easier just to read from the beginning of the chapter to catch the whole thought of God's Sovereignty.

Katy said...

Heather, you are such a blessing. I miss you.
I do hope you are having a wonderful summer. I shall see you in a few months!