Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Here it is again--the start of yet another post that will be saved to my drafts and never actually published to my blog. It's just not what it used to be. My writing has changed and the content and words I'm seeking remain just beyond my reach. Fear of my small readership prevents my from using this surface as my drawing board. And so I add the aimless thoughts to my growing repertoire of unfinished drafts. Bits and fragments fill the notebooks I still keep, but even they end mid thought with portions scribbled out in frustration.

I cringe when I look over more recent passages on my blog. The words that used to come so easy are labored over and unsatisfying when finished. I despise the gaps between postings knowing the times I habitually prepared to write then slammed shut the laptop on a white screen.

It's after 1:00am and I know sleep will still be awhile in coming. I've already updated on Hulu's most recent of House, Bones, and The Office. Tomorrow will begin early with 18 preschoolers, who have alternatives views on discipline and so I know I need to sleep. But a blank page was mocking me and so I had to try...

It's late. I'm not quite sure why I'm moving the curser towards the Publish Post.


kathryn said...

How are you? miss ya, call me sometime!

cassiopeiarl said...

You often say some of the same things I am always thinking. It's somehow not fair.

On a more serious note (just kidding, of course), what about Bones this season? I think it started as a trainwreck and has gradually been getting better. On the bad side, Booth's brother, Booth's hallucinations, Angela's Roxie, Hodgins' angst, most of the interns, any remnants from the trainwreck of Zach last season (oh really, he never killed the guy? Nice way to back track, idiots), etc. On the other hand, Sweets is really growing on me, Stephen Fry came back for an episode, Roxie left, I discovered I have no desire for Bones and Booth to end up together, Angela went on a sex-fast (it was so about time), Hodgins went back to crazy experiments, and they busted a guy out of his own funeral. All in all, I'm rather looking forward to the season finale.