Thursday, August 24, 2006

Black Miracles

When we think of God's hand moving in a miraculous way, we think of the beauty, the earth taking shape at his command. We think of the majesty, mountains and valleys carved out by rushing waters. We think of the sufficiency, a multitude satisfied by one boy's lunch. We think of the joy, a cherished loved one restored to life, a dreaded disease or impairment gone.

But what about the other miracles, black miracles if you will, the miracles that we didn't choose, the miracles that make us question and doubt. Miracles like Joseph being sold into slavery. Like David watching his infant son slip into eternity. Like Paul with a thorn that wouldn't go away.

Sometimes God moves in a miraculous way to do exactly what we didn't want. A lack of finances keeps that dream from becoming a reality. The boyfriend or fiancé that seemed to be God's will calls it off. The friend that was such a spiritual encouragement moves away. The job that was everything thing you ever wanted is no longer yours. The doctor's diagnosis drastically alters your future, crushing hopes and dreams.

None of these events would have taken place without a supernatural intervention form God. Can they be any less miracles? They are the miracles that move beyond our comprehension into the mind of God. And His thoughts are not out thoughts.

But, if we truly believe that all things work together for good, can we be any less thankful for the black miracles?


Shelley said...

Hi from Shelley(CBC,SFC...) I'm sure you remember me. Anyways, I hope you're doing well. Watertown's a great place to live in. I REALLY missed it when I left. Especially since I'm not a city girl. So, I'm glad to be where I am now. Do you ever get to play your violin? Sadly, mine was sold ): I was glad to find your blog, and also the connection to your parents -- I've been wanting to get in touch with your mom. Anyhow, that was an awesome post! So true. It encouraged me. Check out my blog some time!

Valerie said...

beautifully written and soveriegnly taught to you. MMMmmmm Black Miracles!?!!! How original.
Love Mom