Saturday, August 26, 2006

The First Note

The concert master has already entered. The oboe has given the tuning note. The conductor has been honored. The audience has quieted.

Watch the orchestra.

In the last moment before the first note sounds, instruments are poised and ready. The brass comes to attention. The reeds are dampened. The violins find their first string. All that remains is a signal from the conductor, and the whole room will burst forth in music.

The sun has already risen. The birds have chirped their repetitive sequences. The battle between the snooze button and my alarm's tone has carried on as long as I dare. Already, people are coming and going about their day. As I rise, I have the opportunity to stop and to prepare, to search out the Scriptures, to linger in prayer, to line up my heart's response to His leading. I want to be ready. I want to find that first string so that all that remains is to wait for the signal from God.

And the transformation occurs from a day as it might have been into the orchestrated beauty of His direction.


weedeater said...

As you wish...

weedeater said...

I love the imagery you use, it draws the reader in quickly and solidly to your point.
I especially enjoy the snooze button part. I highly relate, and poor Vin has to put up with it. :)