Friday, August 04, 2006

Making Changes

I begin by saying "God is good." That has become the phrase with which I've prefaced nearly everything I've said of late. And it's true. It's so true.

This summer for me has been a time of serious searching and a time of difficult decisions. God has been working in my life, bringing to my attention a lot of things that I needed to see and a lot of things that I really don't want to see, but important nevertheless.

I'm not coming back to Maranatha as a dorm sup this fall. To be honest, this came as a very difficult change for me. I loved dorm suping. I loved Gould. I still love every one of my girls. But God has been redirecting, and I need to respond with obedience. He has very clearly closed one door and seems to be clearly opening another.

As I look at the coming fall, I still plan to live in Watertown. I will be working. And I plan to use this time to pursue my masters. I know what God is doing and teaching me through this is good, and I trust Him, not only for the outcome, but the process as well. I have seen Him do some truly amazing things in the past few weeks. I've had to trust Him in ways I honestly didn't before. And I know that this God that I serve will continue. He will continue to provide as He has provided before. He will continue His work in my life. I have that promise from Scripture. He will meet each and every need of the Gould girls. Of course He will; He is the only one equipped to meet those needs. I can only fall short.

My God is enough. May He be praised.


2Crazzie4U said...

I'll miss you being the Dorm-Sup. It was a blast to get to know you better this past year. I was hoping to be able to ask you to get me into Gould for a day when I come to visit. Guess I'll find another way to surprise Jolene. Anyways, God will and has been working in and through you. You have touched many girl's heart, and I know that you will keep touching people's heart.Thanks be to God!!

Katy said...

You will be greatly missed, dear. Please know you are loved.

Chelsie said...

As much as I am going to miss you this fall, Heather, I'm excited about the changes God has for you. Since you're going to be in Watertown, however, don't expect me to leave you alone! I'll see you soon. Love you, Chelsie.

Danika said...

I am going to miss you, Heather!! No more late night chats after I get back from work....but I know God has amazing plans for your future and am glad you are faithfully following His guidance and direction. Love, Danika