Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Listening

Tonight I held music--touched it, felt it, tasted it, saw it. Sitting on the floor of a practice room, I listened as the piano come to life, singing a thousand emotions that I do not have the skill to express nor the desire to minimize with words. The music became a duet, and interplay, an exchange of expresion between the one who pressed the keys and the one whose keys were pressed. Every vibration seeped through the floor, and I felt them, and none escaped. Those of you who can hear should cover your ears sometime and hear was music really sounds like.

Thank you, Brittany for your music.

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Valerie said...

After my flights, my ears refused to "pop" back to normal. For four days I heard as you described. I strained, cupped my ears, said, "What?" dozens of times to everyone, and attempted to listen to music. I believe I caught just a blurp of what is a lifetime for you. I eagerly await heaven when God will "pop" your ears into perfection. Undoubtedly, you will appreciate heaven a bit more than the rest of us who take all our senses for granted.