Sunday, September 03, 2006


This has been the topic of numerous dinner conversations, countless room debates, and many unresolved, opinionated discussions. I don't intend to resolve it, only to discuss it.

Consider the matter of carbonated beverage (termed intentionally thus to remain neutral). We have the many that call it soda, the rather equal number that call it pop, the few that call it coke, and the handful that call it sodapop. I can deal with soda. I can deal with pop. (We won't talk about coke). But it's the peacemaking, compromising, fence-walking, standard-bending sodapoppers that need to be addressed. As Kathiann so aptly put it, "It's like theistic evolution. They can't both be." Let your yea be yea and your nay, nay. This attempt to please everyone, this willingness to merge the vocabulary that so distinguishes our culture and the regions of our country is a violation of who we are. So in defiance to this battle of words, may we all drink milk.


Rambling Rose said...

Got milk?

I agree with what you wrote. People are so quick to compromise, even on the tiniest issues. On tiny insignificant issues it can be funny or pathetic. But when people compromise on the serious issues, especially moral or Biblical ones, then they're worse than the people who outright go with the wrong choice.

God said He hates lukewarm people. Wouldn't compromising people fall under that category?

jaron said...

up with sodapop