Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Are you the ruler?

There are a few things I can't get used to as a dorm sup. Primarily, the power that accompanies the title. Speaking of titles, I had a visitor stick her head in my apartment and ask hesitantly, "So, are you like--the ruler here?" A year ago, I was a student. A year and a half ago, I wasn't even on the approved chap list. And now, suddenly almost everyone knows my name. Anyway, about this power thing--I can walk through Old Main and couples respond like two northern poles of magnets and I wonder which one just got electrocuted. Girls are constantly fidgeting with their skirts to tug them the extra fraction of an inch below their knee. But the most remarkable though happened on the Calvary bus. (Yes, I ride the bus. I have a car, and I ride the bus because I'm a nerd, and I'd just as soon save on gas). So, I'm on the bus and everyone starts singing which is all good and well until the music they were singing was not even near checkable. I didn't say a word. Didn't need to. It's this power thing. So I just turned around and looked back. That's all. Midnote, the entire bus went silent. It was as good a cut off as I've ever seen Dr. Budahl make. So I'm not sure if I like this power thing. I'm certainly not used to it.

I do like the randomness. You never know what question you'll get asked next. It's not the easy questions--"how do I fill out a pass." It's more like--"how do I fill out the pass when I don't know the name of the place we're going and we're only going to be there a little while because then we're going to go somewhere else and yes we'll be in a mixed group, but half of them are off campus and half of them are meeting us halfway there. Some are driving, some are walking, and a few are hitchhiking. But half the guys can't fill out passes because they don't know we're going and it's supposed to be a surprise. Oh, we need a chap? Well, does so-and-so count? He graduated three years ago. No, he doesn't know he's going either."

When it comes down to it, I love what I do. I love the talks that continue until 3:00a.m. I love the mattress surfing down the stairs. I love the girls that come to raid the leftovers on Tuesday nights. I love the laughter and the hallway commotion. I love the weekend parties. I love the singing. But mostly I love the testimonies. I love to hear what God is doing and and how he is breaking the hearts of my girls to do it. I love to hear them proclaim the goodness of God. I love to hear their passion and their humility as they stand in awe of His majesty, as they learn to trust. Thank you ladies, your testimonies were a blessing to me last night.


Kate said...

Well, I shall try to make sure my questions are always entertaining! ;) You do a wonderful job, Heather. God has blessed you greatly, and He has blessed us through you. Good night, dear friend.

Rebecca's Corner said...

Do you think I could run to Quick Trip, even though its 9:57? Oh, and can I go to bed early, I have a combination of homeworkphobia and a large headache, after I realized I just procrastinated for 2 1/2 months! ;-) Thank you for your humor and sweet sentiments! What a blessing!

Lynds :) said...

Up intil three months ago I would have never been able to fully understand that message. Now, I am definitely in the same boat :) I will have to agree that dorm suping is great. I think the reason I love it the most is because I know that this is exactly where the Lord wants me. When we are doing His will, even the bad things seems to be good.

Jennifer said...

Heather, God has definitly blessed you in many ways...not only with your "ruler" position, but also with your gift of communication. I laughed so hard when reading your post! wow! i totally understand what you mean about the music, skirt-pulling, etc. what a a hoot! i have heard what a wonderful job you are doing in the dorm. Praise the Lord!