Friday, March 31, 2006

Random Definitions

  • Contentment is when you can thank God for what tomorrow will bring
  • Trust is when you conquer a mountain in someone else's strength
  • Love is when you desire the highest good for someone else, even at personal sacrifice
  • Pain is the object lesson of learning by experience
  • Faithfulness is when the joy remains long after the task becomes mundane
  • Joy is when you can say "God is good" regardless of circumstance, regardless if you understand
  • Giving is being willing to inconvenience yourself
  • Sincerity is when the outcome is less than expected, but nothing changes
  • Patience is having purpose even while waiting


Kate said...

"Having a purpose even while waiting...." Hmm... I think I have to work on that. Thanks.

Lynds :) said...

Hey I found your blog. I am really going to enjoy reading (and write down)what you have to say.
I am going to leave another comment from one of your previous message :)

Rebecca's Corner said...

Joy is when you can say, "God is good" regardless if your understand

Well . . . I definitely do not always understand why God chooses certain things for me in my life. Something I see as an area of change.