Saturday, March 04, 2006

How to Respond?

What do you do
when someone thanks for your godly testimony, but you know that your heart is decietful above all things and desperately wicked?

What do you say
when someone tells you your life challenges them spiritually, and yet you know you are lacking. In fact, this individual is one whose prayer life and love for God you have long admired?

How do you respond
when someone tells you you are a blessing, but you know a dozon opportunities completely passed you by when you could have been a blessing but missed that privelge, distracted by self?

How do you respond with humility, when your heart is so poisoned by pride you can taste it?

How do you smile graciously and say "Praise God," when you don't believe your life has lived out to the praise of God?

And when have you started thinking to much, and need to to just let it go and except your own lack of understanding?


Tim said...

first sentence has a grammer error :)

Heather said...

you spelled grammar wrong. :)