Friday, April 21, 2006

Chocolate fixes Everything

As the semester draws to a close, it's been rather fun to be on the observing end of the chaos. Was it only last year I was pulling all nighters, cutting classes, and racing the clock to get the projects in by 5? Now as I'm surrounded by glazed and panicked expressions, my job is to pass out the chocolate and say "you're going to make it." And smiling because I remember when I thought I wouldn't.

Actually my work is piling up. I'm faced with closing up the dorm, organizing and planning for checking out and summer storage, and somehow communicating end of the year announcements girls whose minds are definitely elsewhere. Oh yeah, and I do have a 10 page paper I probably should start. Certainly nothing to stress over. After all, the chocolate isn't gone yet. All is well.

Speaking of chocolate--
If I eat chocolate when stressed...

C-lasses will be canceled
H-omework will write itself
O-smosis learning will kick in
C-omputers will cooperate
O-ne hundred percents will mark all my tests
L-ate work will receive full credit
A-ll the clocks will slow down and deadlines fade away
T-eachers will sing my praises
E-verything will be okay

May your chocolate supply, as the widow’s oil, never run dry.


Rebecca's Corner said...

Chocolate . . . mmmmmm . . . sounds good. Isn't it funny how chocolate endomorphines give us such profound energy and make everything alright. Seriously, I wonder why I have never seen a commercial related to chocolate and stress! I mean, all you have to say is, "Having boy problems? Is your car making that funny noise that you can't interpret? Still trying to call that 1 800 number and unable to get your free sample of food (which, btw, is the best reason for calling 1 800 numbers). Try a piece of chocolate and let your troubles melt away between the luscious chocolate layers." Cute post! I have plenty of chocolate if you happen to run out!

Katy said...

Though a miraculous supplying of chocolate may be slightly heretical, I like the idea. BTW- last night, I stayed alive with a bag of M&Ms. Caffeine was out, so I went for the sugar!

There are four food groups in life: white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet. ;)