Saturday, April 29, 2006


While Leland enjoyed their cookout last night, Gould dorm began what may continue as their own tradition. Living up to their name, “Ghetto Gould” tagged the sidewalk and parking lot around the dorm. What had begun with 2 or 3 girls looking for something to do became 22 girls, psyched up, on a mission, and looking for trouble. Between 11:30 and midnight, we “decorated” guy’s side, substituting the easier to clean chalk for the traditional spray paint.

When I arrived on the scene, Brittany and Chelsie were already going to town, drawing stick figure replicas of their favorite Leland residents.

Sarah adds hearts to the myriad of flowers that make up the girlie graffiti.

This was the most participation I've ever seen from a last minute planned dorm activity.

Kathiann prefers to leave her message in Greek.

When fourth grade insults still work, why replace the classics?

Undoubtedly, the most excitement security saw all night.

The grand finale was a huge GOULD written across the parking lot which the girls promptly signed with the last fragments of chalk. Definitely a night to remember.


Anonymous said...

Some guys are so desperate to be in any photo that includes girls (see curious boy peeping through the glass door in last pic). Only at a Bible college would girls get so ecstatic to *gasp* outside past 11pm 2. Be on the sidewalk of a guy's dorm 3. Be allowed to draw flowers with chalk. We're getting liberal. You're the best, Heather!

Katy said...

Yeah for Gould dorm! I love you guys, and you, Heather.

gbfluteman said...

I believe it was Stephanie Wilson who wrote a message with the comment, "I bet you'll never be able to read this" right outside my window (next to the excellent picture of a Culver's double scoop waffle cone, I might add; a shame you didn't get a picture of that before the rain washed it off). The message said "Bi haepi" Well, don't worry, be happy. :o) Though I think some of the slams were a bit ill-earned and over generalized, it appeared that you girls were sure having a whole lot more fun than I did at work! lol


Heather said...

Yes, it was fun. Did you see the pictures Rebecca had posted as well?

gbfluteman said...

Yes, I did. Most of them are the same, though she had a few other...choice ones that you didn't have. lol