Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gould 104

First of all, my thanks to Keelin for providing me with this story. Not only did she give me something to post on my blog, she also supplied me with some great material to include in the article I'm writing for Journalism on dorm life.

A few things you not-in-the-dorm people need to understand:

1) Second semester incoming freshman are bottom of the totem-pole. Nothing against them personally. It's just the way it is. It's the way it will always be.

2) PC's are all-powerful. They cast the deciding vote whether they are right or wrong.

3) Dorm Sup's have the freedom to take whichever side they choose based on what seems most convenient or most fun at the time. (For the record, Dorm Sup is no relation to anyone in Stone Soup. Any similarities are purely coincidental).

It started when Keelin, innocently enough, asked to open a window.

4) Upper classmen control not only window openage and closage, they are the sole regulators of the thermostat, the designers of room arrangements, the dividers of closet space, and anything else that will give them a control boost.

Her request was vetoed. Not only by the PC, but 2 freshman roommates who qualify as upperclassmen roommates, being the only other roommates in the room. Further requests were not only denied, but got her banned from the room and locked out.

5) The property of a banned roommate is then divided among the remaining roommates at the discretion of the PC.

In this case, her roommates were generous allowing her to keep her green blanket. Her request for her pillow however, was denied.


Rebecca's Corner said...

What mean roomates! ;-) Maybe, I shouldn't be speaking for some weird reason! You know just how to top off my night with a good laugh! Thank you!

Heather said...

My apologies to Room 104 for not giving due credit. After recieving some rather aggresive threats, I find it is my duty to name the roommates alluded to in this post. The PC, who would probably wish to remain unnamed was Rebecca Walker. The freshman, who being freshman desire to be named, were Sarah Stepp and Tina Huck. There, now I have done my duty. Uness of course I recieve word that they want their names accompanied with photos and persoanl biographies, in which case they can start their own blog...