Monday, April 24, 2006

A look at blogdom

Everyone, it seems, feel they have a purpose different from everyone else. They each have a unique claim, a different slant. In their desire to be like everyone else and have a blog, they are determined to be different. Strange what individual replicas we have become.

Everyone made their vow.

You have Josh, who said from the start that he would not be random. Is it truly random-free or has he redefined randomness? You can attribute an intentional purpose and deeper meaning to anything. Thus, I could take the same argument and claim no one is random.

Then you have Brittany who vowed that she hates writing and will continue to hate writing. My question--will she admit when she stops hating writing? In her defense—Long live exclamation points!!

Then there's Chelsie who, whether she has verbalized it or not, has decided only to write when she has something profound to say. No one can be that remarkable. So of course, that is only going to work if, like randomness, you redefine "profound."

And there are a number who claim they have nothing significant to say, but inwardly they beg for someone to see what they have said as significant.

You have bloggers that vow they will write faithfully and bloggers that vow they will write unfaithfully.

You have bloggers that vow they will change the world and bloggers that have yet to determine what needs to change about the world.

Justin comes close to contributing an original slant with his blog. Unfortunately, people seem to run with his ideas. Then they write their own posts giving their view on the same topic. And what may have been an original idea is overshadowed by the masses. Maybe if he would speak up…

So, the pressure is on. In our effort to add something new and exciting to the blog world, we have all made promises we can't keep. We will be individual! All of us! Yet, in our own way, we are all uniquely the same.

And what about me? Well, I vowed I would never write about blogs. I'm not even going to make excuses.

I would have commented on RuthAnn's blog, but I honestly don't know what to say. Her post are so diverse (not only in content, but in tone and writing style) that I could easily be convinced she has more than one person writing on hers. I leave it there. I couldn't think what to maybe there is individualism on the blogfront.


Chelsie said...
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Chelsie said...

That's a very keen observation, Heather.

I guess I'm just of an "unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak, unless I expect to say something that will amaze the whole room..." :)

jaron said...

I don't want to redefine randomness, in an effort to be a little different (because everybody wants to be random and different and everyone [even Justin :)] says that there blog will be different) I decided to be a little tongue-in-cheek and say that I have nothing random and then write randomly about whatever I wanted to. So its not redefining as much as it is lying.

Heather said...

This post was not so much intended to be an accurate representation as it was to evoke a resonse. So, a couple of clarifications--
Chelsie, if we're getting this level of profound, stimulating discusion from a freshman, I can only think we have good things to look forward to in the next few years.
Josh, I find your writing intriguing. I only wish 6 years at Maranatha had given me the academic wherewithall to comment on your points-driven contests. Oh well.

jaron said...

Heather, the contests probably won't test academic knowledge (after all once you graduate who needs academic knowledge anyway?) they will, however, test your knowledge of culture (including pop culture - what little I know anyway and high brow culture).

cassiopeiarl said...

Ok, I understand the varied content thing, but really, my writing style can't be that different.
And I would like to point out, I have not posted anything closely related to Justin's posts.

brittany said...

well what can i say... my blog pretty much just is what it is. if i do ever find that i enjoy writing, i will make sure that you are the first to know... but i can't make any promises. until then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gbfluteman said...

"Good, Watson. I think you are beginning to see what you truly should be."

And the irony is that Josh is honest. :-)

BTW, check out Metamorpho (web page link in my profile if that doesn't work for some reason), and I'd be quite curious as to your thoughts on the blog that Jon Wass and I co-author.

gbfluteman said...

I think this link sums up your post quite nicely. On Conformity On Individuality

Heather said...

Okay, in addition, here is the evaluation of Noah's blog at his request.

Noah's posts are summaries of the great words of the greats.

I like it though. It's puts some interesting material where it's easily accessible.

dad said...

And her children shall rise up and call her blessed. I don't know if you ment like this, but this was a great tribute to your mom.
Thank you for honering her so.