Saturday, April 15, 2006

Remembering when...

This is for Tim and Vin, them being the best brother and sister in the world.

  • Tim, remember the rock quarry and arguing over whether or not we should tell Mom we had seen a cobra?
  • Remember the trips we made through the cemetery just because we thought we weren't allowed?
  • Remember when we would go to the park and not speak English because we thought it was fun when people started talking about us thinking we couldn't understand?
  • Remember the chicken that mom kicked during the invitation that started squawking got the deacons glaring at us?
  • Tim, remember all the clubs I started and dragged you into joining?
  • Remember the language we invented?
  • Remember the tortured scorpions?
  • Remember the fruit bat that got loose?
  • Remember Mom's screaming?
  • Remember when Valinda wanted to see Niagara Falls up close?
  • Remember Mom's screaming?
  • Remember the hotdogs Dad made that the dog wouldn't eat?
  • Valinda, remember the year I thought we should keep Christmas lights up in our room all year long?
  • Remember the night the three of us stayed up all night reading ghost stories by flashlight?
  • Remember going to MacDonald’s and ordering french-fry foam and a chocolate marlamo?
  • Remember the lady that swallowed her brains?
  • Remember eating lunch under the piano?
  • Remember the day we turned all the pictures in the house upside down and Mom didn't notice?
  • Tim, remember when I used to sneak into your room to watch scary movies after Mom and Dad went to bed?
  • Remember the day Mom decided to roast mini marshmallows?
  • Remember the red wagon?
  • Remember the lemonade stand--except we used our own nickels, thinking we had to buy our own product, and drank more than we sold?
  • Remember when Valinda scribbled all over my face with a magic marker and it wouldn't come off before school?
  • Remember the Little Black Kitty song that Dad would sing just to torment Vin?
  • Remember the log slide?
  • Remember riding our bikes pass the kitchen window and Mom giving us lunch "Drive-thru" style?
  • Remember when Mom and Dad didn't realize we understood Sango and we found out all our Christmas presents early that year?
  • Remember the more "creative" ways of eating spaghetti?
  • Remember the hours in the back of the truck singing at the top of our lungs?
  • Remember how much fun automatic doors were after living in Africa?
  • Remember going up all the down escalators?
  • Remember all the shop keepers that had no sense of humor?

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Jennifer said...

okay. you totally copied my blog! ha! jk. but if you havent read it yet, check it out:)